The Home Apothecary Lemongrass Balm

The Home Apothecary Lemongrass Balm

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This blend is specifically made for our friends who are in Topical Steroid Withdrawal – also known as Red Skin Syndrome. 
— Please visit for more info on Topical Steroid Withdrawal/Red Skin Syndrome which is a steroid induced eczema.
This healing balm is good for cracked hands and feet scratches bumps and bruises – can be used on all parts of the body. Because of the medicinal quality of Lemongrass it works well on mild skin infections and diaper rash.

Best used at night after a warm bath before bed. Coat skin thickly and cover with clothing socks or gloves for optimal results. Wake up nourished! Also noted to help lymph drainage. Rub swollen glands with salve in a circular motion 2 times a day. Keep out of eyes.*

~Our balms contain no chemicals or fillers steroids or man made antibiotics. 
~Please see the list of shop ingredients below and let us know of any allergies or sensitivities you have BEFORE you place your order. Thank you!

~The essential oils used in our balms are therapeutic food grade organic oils of the highest quality.
We do not list our ingredients on our balms or balm pages because all of balms and body care can be customized per allergies. 
The following list are the ingredients we use in our shop (as they are available to us by our suppliers) but if you have a favorite oil or base you would like us to incorporate that you do not see here please let us know!
(And we hope you understand but we do not give out balm or body care recipes! Those have been hand crafted and created by our family) 🙂

– Our shop ingredient list may change as our supplies change but we will never update it when there are open orders to be sure there are no mix-ups with allergies. 

Please check the ingredient list with every order you place

– Cocoa Butter
– Shea Butter
– Mango Butter
– Palm Butter
– Avocado Butter
– Kokum Butter
– Grass Fed Beef Oil/Tallow
– Jojoba Oil
– Argan Oil
– Arnica Oil
– Apricot Kernel Oil
– Neem Oil
– Castor Oil
– Hemp Oil
– Calendula Oil
– Coconut Oil
– Safflower Oil
– Grapeseed Oil
– Evening Primrose Oil
– Sunflower Oil
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Olive Oil
– Rosehip Seed Oil
– Pomegranate Seed Oil
– Pumpkin Seed Oil
– Beeswax
– Chamomile Oil
– Chickweed Oil
– Burdock Oil
– Vit E cosmetic grade
– Vit E in olive oil
– Marsh mallow Oil
– Comfrey Oil
– Goldenseal Oil
– Grapefruit Seed Extract powder
– Grapefruit Seed Extract in a soy derived vegetable glycerin
– Self Heal Extract in a soy derived vegetable glycerin
– Apple Cider Vinegar powder
– Zinc Oxide
– Probiotics

*We also sell organic essential oils in small and large bottles.. contact us for more info!
– Containers may change as suppliers/prices change to keep the best price for our customers.

– THE HOT MONTHS HAVE ARRIVED! New summer containers are here and ready for shipment! They ended up being a little larger than the tins we already use and have already priced. To keep the same prices we will only be filling them with that amount. If you prefer to have full plastic containers contact us first and we will adjust that balm price. The containers are safe BPA free plastic and contain liners inside to help keep our balms from leaking. The shop photos will still show tins but when it arrives it will be in a solid white double walled container. 


When your balm arrives let it set overnight at room temperature to solidify again but know that if it melts it will not change the quality of the product. All of our local orders that will be picked up will still be filled in tins unless otherwise discussed when your order is placed. 🙂 

-None of our products are tested on animals. 

-We have a section for our Red Skin Syndrome warriors and those in Topical Steroid Withdrawal — please visit for more information. All of our TSW balms are made with minimal ingredients and none of the common allergens. Please contact us with any concerns. 

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