LIVE Honey Shea Butter

LIVE Honey Shea Butter (Wound-Healing Balm) 25ml

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Amazing Wound-Healing Balm

Praise God for this homemade balm! The balm maker is a German-certified BeeKeeper and his LIVE honey has been certified LIVE in Germany. His bee farm is in Rwanda, Africa. The Shea Butter is from Uganda, Africa. Every batch of Live Honey Shea Butter balms differ in colour and texture, because the two ingredients are both 100% natural.

Only 2 Ingredients

The balm contains just 2 ingredients: Rwanda LIVE Honey and Shea Butter from Uganda. Thank God for creating such simple goodness! Grace here had a very bad patch which just did not heal, and the balm helped close the huge open wound (that spanned 11cm x 7cm), and I have completely healed now. I am truly thankful for the Honey Shea Butter Cream, and we fish it out whenever we have an open wound in the house. My younger son, Percy, would come and beg for a lick, and he gets a little served from a different finger, when Mama has taken a little too much from the tub. 🙂

Application & Use

You only need a little and it’ll go a long way, and it’s really a wound-healer, not a moisturiser, so don’t get this for moisturising k? I usually take only a very small amount, apply a thin layer onto the open wound, and allow it to set and dry completely.

God bless you and your family, and I pray that you will experience healing soon.


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